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Based in the beautiful city of Portland, OR. Starsoft Entertainment is the creative group behind the upcoming metroidvania Into The Rift. We’re devoted to building focused, fun, independent games. We strive to entertain casual and hard core players alike with polished takes on old genres. We hope you find everything you’re looking for on our site. If you have any additional questions or comments after your visit, please email us.


Latest News

Slime City Update #22 - Command Center Mapping!

This last week I’ve been engaged in the solemn work of texture mapping! It’s the step which comes directly after the model is complete. We’ve got to translate every 3D …

Slime City Update #21- Design Doc and The Command Center!

Hey, happy Friday! So Brian and I have been hard at work on two big contracts. That’s why we’ve disappeared. The idea is to build up funds to pay for …

Slime City Thursday Update #20 - More Randomness!

This week we’ve been shoring up the design docs and clarifying the vision going forward. As the game concept and visuals start to materialize, we wanted to take a beat …

Slime City Thursday Update #19 - Randomness!

This week we’ve been working on an assortment of small tasks. I’ve been consolidating the slime art into a single sheet to speed up performance. I also finished animating the …