Slime City Thursday Update #18 - Slime Fighter Concepts.

This week I did some concepts for the robot slime fighters. These are the foot soldiers in your slime-fighting force. The first line of defense against your gooey foe.

I decided to record the process in a time-lapse painting. It gives me a chance to ramble on. It also reveals the extremely scattered process I go through when creating a concept.

We’re hoping you guys will like one of these guys, and decide it needs to be transformed from 2D to 3D. If none of these is deemed worthy of a third D, I’ll diligently return to the drawing board! Assuming one is chosen I’ll hopefully have a 3D version of it ready to show next week.


P.S. Please don’t vote for the guy in the feather boa, he’s already assured a spot in the game.

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