Slime City Thursday Update #16 - Your Slime Fighting Team.

Over the weekend I decided to revamp the existing characters in your slime-fighting team. I wanted to add a little expression and life. I also wanted to flesh out the third member.

So, on the left is your engineering genius; Brighton. He’ll introduce you to your new toys as they’re unlocked. He’ll also find the most bizarre, but effective, way to solve any of your tech-related problems.

On the right is Dr. Neem. His job is to discover everything he can about the mysterious invading slime that’s been ravaging your world. As new, disgusting pustules form in the slime, he’ll explain their function and hopefully a way to destroy them.

Finally, in the center, is Major Fairchild. She’s the resistance commander/project overseer. She’ll relay relevant information and commands from HQ. She’ll also be the one keeping you at your best.

This is half the planned team. The other three will be extremely important, but you won’t be talking in depth with them, they’re secondary and in-game support. On that list is the ground commander of your slime fighters. He’ll take orders directly from you. Also your automated defense coordinator (robot pilot), and of course, ‘The Chief’ who’s running the whole operation.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following the project on Facebook. Every new comment or ‘like’ is a fire under our asses to get this thing done faster!

Back next week with new in-game gadgets for your slime fighting needs!


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