Thursday Update #14 - Buses AND Tiny Parks!

I’ve been working on a huge new building this week, but I didn’t quite finish it. So this week we’re showing off our first vehicle, the bus! Also, this tiny, 1 tree park.

The buses will help clear up traffic on the streets. They will randomly replace 5-10% of your cars, allowing traffic, and building efficiency to increase. Parks will effect adjacent building with higher efficiency and they will require minimal resources and be cheap to build.

Next week look for our first big 4×4 buildings, and people!!


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Thursday Update #13 - Roads!

We’re showing off roads this week. I’ll refrain from making any Back To The Future references, eh? As you can see we’ve done our best to make these the most bike-friendly and people-friendly roads possible. Although I’m pretty sure the bike lanes will get axed, and the bikes and cars will just have to share.

We’re still debating the game mechanics behind the roads. On the base level, your buildings will simply not produce (turn on) if they’re not adjacent to a road. Buildings may also gain additional output if roads run on multiple sides. Of course slime will be able to travel over all road surfaces.

We’re also discussing basing the output of each building off how long it takes their dedicated vehicles to circumnavigate the whole road system. So the larger your city gets, the slower your building payouts will be. This is still open, we’ll have to test that mechanism.



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Thursday Update #09 - Rotating Buildings!

One of our influences for Slime City is the work of eBoy. We recently built a prototype scene based on their stuff.

Expect plenty of bizarre architecture and incomprehensible building functions in the world of Slime City. Apparently camping is allowed just about anywhere. And car dealerships aren’t required to have actual cars in them. We added palm trees to the mix as a vicarious experience for us, since we live in the frigid wastelands of the pacific north west.

Music in this clip was created by Reid Price.