Slime City Thursday Update #15 - Slime Citizens!

We now have some loyal citizens to populate your city! These guys will pop up as you build various buildings. Mostly their job is just to walk around and party. When slime gets near they’ll freak out and run for their tiny, pixelated lives.

Panda will join your city when you get your first pagoda. Beverage is a product of the fast food joint (still under construction). ‘Guy in blue shirt’ is a camper, you’ll get him when you build a tent! ‘Dog’ will be attached to a bunch of buildings.


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Intoducing ‘The Thumper’

The ‘Thumper’ is one of the pieces of your anti-slime arsenal in ‘Slime City’. It activates when slime is near, pounding the ground to create a pocket of slime-free building area. Use one unit when you want to establish a beach head or multiple to create an impenetrable wall.


Animation Test

We’ve been plugging away on Slime City. Brian just got unit placement going and the slime propagating. Once we get a few more game play elements in we’ll be taking our loose level progression and turning it into more fleshed out designs.

While I’m waiting for the game play elements to get locked down, I’ve been playing around with pixel animation. I wanted to post my first attempt. We want to have people run when the slime attacks, I figured dogs would catch on and get moving too.

Slime's coming! Run for it!


More coming soon!