Slime City Thursday Update #20 - More Randomness!

This week we’ve been shoring up the design docs and clarifying the vision going forward. As the game concept and visuals start to materialize, we wanted to take a beat and make sure we’re moving in the right direction. I’ve also been continuing to work on an animation showing off slime crawl, UI, and our wall gates.

Voting is in on the slime fighters. The ‘Road-Runner’ won with 7 votes! I’ll get to modeling him next! The Spook came in second with 4 votes. We may still use him too.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for following our progress as always!



Slime City Thursday Update #19 - Randomness!

This week we’ve been working on an assortment of small tasks. I’ve been consolidating the slime art into a single sheet to speed up performance. I also finished animating the wall gate this week. I didn’t quite have time to put together a video. Look for something this weekend!

Over the last couple of weeks I got to coordinated with our new sound guy, Lawrence Steele who has made a couple of awesome sounds in our first round of audio. I’ll work them into upcoming videos.

Brian has been working on refined camera controls, polishing up unit path-finding, and putting in the auto-place mechanic for the road system.

Voting on the slime fighter concepts is still open for a few more days. Just go to youtube and post a comment to vote!

Thanks for keeping up with our progress!


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