Thursday Update #12 - Building Placement!

We’ve got some building placement animations to show this week. One is inspired by TRON, which is one of our favorite movies. The other is inspired by Star Trek, one of our favorite TV shows. The ‘beam in’ effect is also in BSG, but it’s more of an expand than a stretch there. Expanding is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing. I went with the stretch.

My favorite part about these animations is the brutally efficient way the beam cuts through the rock. That clean edge, and perfect square carved into the rock is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. That beam can cut through anything, no rock or palm tree is safe.



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Thursday Update #11 - Slime City, Before The City!

This week I’m excited to show some of the starting level art we’ve finished for Slime City! The shot below is what the world will look like when you first start, before you build your first building, and before the slime starts spreading.

I spent a couple days studying canyons in the American southwest, and watching dozens of road runner cartoons. I wanted to boil down the essential elements of a canyon wall into a simple, geometric sketch of the real thing.

In the earlier stages of the game, these canyon walls will offer natural protection against the slime as it spreads out. Giving you time to build your city before it’s attacked.

The first step at the beginning of each level will be choosing where to put your home base. You’ll want to choose a part of the map which is cordoned off with existing barriers, but not too cramped. As you build out your city, you’ll be cutting into these canyons for extra space. Each time you do, you’ll be creating new vulnerable gaps for the slime to sneak in. So these new gaps will have to be protected. Also, the natural walls will start with frequent gaps already in them which will have to be plugged early on to create an effective barrier. As you progress through the game, the canyons will become more and more sparse. The open spaces will make corralling the slime that much more challenging.

We already have a man-made wall system built. In the next few weeks I’ll show that off and how they can be used together with these natural canyons to build a city perimeter.

This week Brian is working on path finding, so we should be able to add people and traffic to the cities soon! We really can’t wait to see a crowd scatter as the slime invades!

This week we also put up a bare bones placeholder at

complete with a teaser image, and a link to this blog!

As always, you can keep up with the game on facebook!

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! Feedback from you guys is one of our favorite things.


Thursday Update #09 - Rotating Buildings!

One of our influences for Slime City is the work of eBoy. We recently built a prototype scene based on their stuff.

Expect plenty of bizarre architecture and incomprehensible building functions in the world of Slime City. Apparently camping is allowed just about anywhere. And car dealerships aren’t required to have actual cars in them. We added palm trees to the mix as a vicarious experience for us, since we live in the frigid wastelands of the pacific north west.

Music in this clip was created by Reid Price.