Animation Test

We’ve been plugging away on Slime City. Brian just got unit placement going and the slime propagating. Once we get a few more game play elements in we’ll be taking our loose level progression and turning it into more fleshed out designs.

While I’m waiting for the game play elements to get locked down, I’ve been playing around with pixel animation. I wanted to post my first attempt. We want to have people run when the slime attacks, I figured dogs would catch on and get moving too.

Slime's coming! Run for it!


More coming soon!



Slime City!

So we’ve been heads down for a while. We’ve been working on our new game, Slime City! We’re still working out basic game play elements, but it’s coming together a lot faster than Metal Drift did. The game is a 2D isometric strategy game. The world is under attack by a voracious slime, and it’s up to the player to fight it off.

On the art side, the 2D work flow is much faster and easier than poly soup 3D was, and the pixel art style is a nice change of pace. Working in discreet color values and opacities is satisfying in a way that blended colors aren’t. At least for me. I grew up with Mac Plus and NES graphics so there is a ton of retro appeal. Along the way I’ve discovered some amazing talent out there, like Eboy and some great artists over at Pixel Joint. I’m trying to create a unique look by starting with Eboy and taking it in a little more realistic and less colorful direction. Hopefully it works as well as their stuff.

I’ve been building mostly static stuff so far as we’re still prototyping the game play. A couple of exceptions are an Akira inspired explosion and the slime itself. I’ll post some animation examples soon. In the mean time here are a couple of Portland buildings I’ve rebuilt in iso-pixel form.

We’re also hoping to get you guys involved in the funding of the game. We’ve been talking about offering a variety of in-game rewards in exchange for a donation. Like if you want to be a character in the game, help us out with a donation of X dollars etc.

Anyway, more to come.